My story

I'm Deepesh Kamalapuram. A Multi-disciplinary designer focused on user interface and product designs. Former Design Intern @Adobe, developing interactive Icon animations for web and Mobile applications. Also experienced in designing 0 to 1 for a Silicon Valley Startup from Branding to marketing campaigns.

Deepesh sketching faced downDeepesh wearing a ironman cosplay
Painting of a girl writing on paper with starbucks cup infront along with a macbookDeepsh facing upward wearing a blue jacket in a jungle
Painting of a dance form known as kathakDeepesh along with his friend Adarsh discussing on a design looking into a macbookDeepesh sketching on an ipad with a stylus

Before starting my design career, I have strong artistic skills since childhood. But I started to leave that behind as everyone says, it doesn't help me to get a real job.  I went to college with no backup plan, and my mind was set to follow other's trail. But it was changed when I got selected as lead for the creative arts team in college. I met a friend there who kept insisting that "I should not follow others when I have my own path" and made me realize what I'm good at. Then I started learning different tools and skills required to design a valuable product.

I spent countless days and nights learning skills like UI design, 3d modeling, Prototyping, and how to design any product that adds value to the consumer and fulfills their needs. It took me 8 months to complete all my design works and create my first portfolio.

Soon after graduating from college, I got an Internship as a Product designer at Milkieway Inc. The director of the company guided me to learn new things about designing user-centric products in which I worked as a full time UI/UX designer for 2 years.

I believe all the projects that I have worked on have been the highlight of my design journey and made me a problem solver. All those sleepless nights, dedication to design, and attention to detail are forwarding me to achieve my goal to design great products for society by leaving my design footprint behind in this world.

With my passion in design, currently I'm focused in learning Swift, HTML and CSS to develop the products I would design to align with my visualization and to expand my design thinking by knowing the possibilities in coding.