Popout Wall lamp
Ideation + Prototype


Designed for the outdoor and indoor spaces with modern aspects of the mechanism. It is a versatile piece that can adapt to different environments. With minimal design, it is easy to install and operate. The initial prototype has the physical interaction with the lamp, but the concept is to have wireless connectivity with a smartphone and gesture-based control.

Project Type
Freelance Project
Oct-Dec 2018
Fusion 360, KeyShot, Photoshop


Home installation products, Popout sockets, Google thermostat, clean wall, all inspired me to design a minimalistic wall lamp integrated into the wall.

Wall lamp mood boardMood board mobile


I started by thinking about the shape of an ancient torch that can be hanged on a wall and drew some basic shapes on how a wall lamp will be. Drew some shapes that can ideal for the popout mechanism.

Wall lamp sketches

Finalized Concept

Finalized design with specific dimensions helped to achieve the desired mechanism of pops out and into the wall. For this functionality, a push latch has been considered to be used at the back of the popout frame.

Wall lamp Gif
Wall lamp conceptWall lamp conceptWall lamp conceptWall lamp concept

CAD Modelling

Rapid CAD Modelling of the selected design in AutoDesk Fusion 360 gave further clarity towards developing a functional prototype of the concept with a simple mechanism.

Wall lamp textWall lamp CAD modelPush latch textPush Latch CAD model

Working prototype

A semi-functional prototype using Foamboard to understand the mechanism of the product. Easy interaction with push to open system.

Final Renders

Real-world interaction with the product. Material and color customization to fit into different interiors.

Wall lamp render 1
wall lamp render with handWall lamp render 3
Wall lamp render bedroom scene
wall lamp render blackWall lamp render green